Lee Greenwood is “just a patriot”

Country music icon Lee Greenwood has received a lot of accolades in his illustrious career, but being awarded the U.S. Army’s Freedom Team Salute certificate is one he is not sure how he feels about yet. The Freedom Team Salute honor recognizes Army veterans, family members and others whose distinct service has supported Army operations. Colonel David Griffith presented Greenwood with the honor during the May 25th Memorial Day parade in Washington D.C.

Greenwood says that he knows that its important considering it is signed by the Army Secretary and Chief of Staff. Famous for his patriotic tune, “God Bless the USA”, Greenwood has been an avid supporter of the Army throughout his career giving dozens of USO performances to troops stationed overseas. Greenwood has never served in the military nor does he have any relatives in service.

When asked about the popularity of “God Bless the USA,” Greenwood said people like it because it’s a “song about people unifying.” Greenwood notes how when immigrants from the 19th century and early 20th century came to America they assimilated, whereas immigrants today refuse to assimilate into American society.

He says that his song, which was voted the most recognizable patriotic song – beating out “God Bless America” and the National Anthem, gives people no reason “not to like it.” Greenwood recalls that when he first began writing the song, the chorus, “I am proud to be an American” is what resonated with him most and is what most Americans today can relate to. He says that pride in being an American is one thing that every can agree on.

Greenwood says that over time he will figure out the meaning of the Freedom Team Salute award. He says that he dedicates time to the armed forces and writes about his love for America because he’s “just a patriot.”

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