12-Year-Old Lexxi Saal Records Tribute to Thank Soldiers

Twelve-year-old Lexxi Saal recently wrote and recorded an original song
“Thank You.” She has dedicated it to all of the men and women in the Armed Forces. She is hoping to have as many soldiers and their families hear it by Memorial Day as possible.

Lexxi said, “Memorial Day is much more than a day off at the beach…The soldiers don’t get a day off. They are making endless sacrifices everyday to keep us all safe…I want to inspire everyone to take a moment and really give the thanks
the deserve.”

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5 Comments on “12-Year-Old Lexxi Saal Records Tribute to Thank Soldiers”

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  2. Donna Says:

    Nice job, Lexxi! I don’t like war either, but I surely do appreciate our military who protect us every day.

    Thank you!

  3. tmcullen1960 Says:

    WOW!!!!!! and she’s just 12! THANK YOU sweetheart..

  4. zulutango Says:

    This made me cry …. This is completely amazing ty lexiee

  5. oldpatriot Says:

    Very nice, Lexxie. Great photos in the video, too. As Donna said above I too appreciate the Military protecting us and our Freedom. I served many years ago, when soldiers returning from war were spit on and called nasty names.l tried to ignore those people. I hated war too but had a job to do. All veterans helped make it safe for you and your children when you are older. When you see a Veteran or a current member of the military, a simple “Thank You” is the greatest award we can receive.
    Thank you for this song
    Grandpa John

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