Jerry Coleman No Longer to Be Scheduled for Play-By-Play

World War II and Korean War veteran Jerry Coleman will no longer be scheduled to call play-by-play for the San Diego Padres. He has been doing so since 1981. Previously he had been the Padres’ manager and a second baseman for the New York Yankees.

Coleman will continue to fill in when one of the team’s other two announcers is not working. Coleman will also be doing four innings of color analysis for each game. His contract ends at the end of 2009. By that time, Coleman will be 85 years old. He loves the game and is willing to work as long as the Padres want him.

Coleman flew 57 combat missions in World War II and 63 in the Korean War. He shared about his experiences in baseball and war at our 2008 conference. He had this to say about both experiences.

“I will say this, I know Bob Feller feels the same way, the highlight of my life was my time in the service. And I must tell you to this day, I’ve been in baseball for a hundred, since 1942, and that’s been great for me. I’ve been a broadcaster for over 45 years. And the reason I became a broadcaster is because I didn’t want to get a job. You talk your way through life. So basically, that’s pretty much my story. But the one thing I must tell you, you have to do, surround yourself with good players, they don’t notice how bad you really are.”

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