America’s View of Heroism

The Office of the Secretary of Defense Public Affairs has released a story about a Navy veteran’s recent flying experience. The flight attendant asked the passengers who could name one of the five Medal of Honor recipients from Iraq and Afghanistan. Whoever could do so would receive a free drink ticket. Only one light turned on in response to the attendant’s question. The answer the veteran gave was Paul R. Smith. The attendant gave free drink tickets to him, his wife and two traveling companions.

The attendant proceeded to the front of the plane and announced that one person had answered his question correctly. He then asked who could name one American Idol. Forty-three people answered his question. The flight attendant proceeded to the front of the plane to announce that no tickets would be given for the answer to that question.

The attendant ended by asking, “What’s wrong with our country when out of 150 passengers, only one can name a Medal of Honor recipient, but 43 can name an American Idol winner?”

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