Dog tags Found at Blue Angels Crash Site 50 Years After Crash

Debbie Harris, who lives on a beach near Ft. Morgan, AL, has known since she was a small girl that the house where she currently lives was the location where a Blue Angel crashed on October 14, 1958. She spotted the pilot’s dog tags as she walked on a small path from the water to her house. Wanting to know more about the pilot, she contacted an uncle and aunt who lived in Pensacola, FL, home of the National Museum of Naval Aviation.

The director of the museum Bob Rasmussen ended up being an excellent contact in solving Harris’ mysteries. Rasmussen was the pilot who flew with Cmdr Robert Glasgow the day that Glasgow crashed into a vacant house. Glasgow was new to the unit and Rasmussen took him up for his first flight. They were in separate planes. Rasmussen had to take his plane to a high altitude to test a new radio identification device that had just been installed. When Rasmussen returned a few minutes later to where he left Glasgow, Glasgow was no longer in the air. The remnants of his plane were smoking from the crash site – a vacant house.

Harris is continuing to look for Glasgow’s family, so that she can return the dog tags to them. Read more.

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