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“My commander when he told me that he was writing me up for the Medal of Honor. After a little bit of talk and one thing and another, he wrapped it up with saying, “Let me tell you something, keep it in mind: When you get it, forget it.” What he meant by… “When you get it, forget it.” Continue being a good Marine. Continue doing today’s work and what needs to be tomorrow. Don’t ride on the awards of what you did in the past. I found that good advice. I continued for another, what ’71 to ’93, another 20 years in the Marines having received the Medal of Honor, but I didn’t wave it around, “Look what I have!” It is just recognition for what you did on one occasion. Can you do that tomorrow? That is what we want you to do tomorrow. Forget about yesterday!”

-Col. Wesley Fox in reference to the meaning of the Medal of Honor at the American Veterans Center’s 2008 conference. Col. Fox earned the Medal while serving in Vietnam.

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