From the Greatest Generation to the Latest Generation

Daniel Garitta recently graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a teaching degree in history. Quite appropriate since Mr. Garitta has been studying and recording WWII history since he was 10. He became very interested in history when his paternal grandfather, a World War II vet, died unexpectedly without Mr. Garitta being able to learn his grandfather’s story.

That is where it all began. Mr. Garitta began with learning his maternal grandfather’s story. Then he badgered his grandfather’s friends for their stories. All along the way he collected World War II paraphernalia from those sharing their stories.

Then he found a Naval uniform at an auction. He bought it. In its pocket was a phone bill from 1952. He wrote to the address on the bill and received a reply from the veteran’s wife. Although Mr. Garitta could not speak with the veteran, his wife was willing to share his story.

Then Mr. Garitta started finding other items and researching the stories of the individuals to whom they originally belonged. He recorded the stories on video or took very detailed notes when the veteran was camera shy. Mr. Garitta’s students will certainly be able to learn about World War II from more than a textbook!

Learn more about Daniel Garitta.

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