Wesley Fox to Speak at Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Medal of Honor recipient Wesley Fox is scheduled to speak at the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation on January 29, 2009. Fox received the Medal for his actions in the Da Krong valley in Vietnam in 1969. He shared his experience at the American Veterans Center’s conference last November.

Fox was a company commander at the time and was asked to go down and look for the enemy. His company came across a well-defended enemy force that greatly outnumbered Fox’s own men. In his own words:

    I had less than 90 Marines going off the hill to look for the fight, but then lost a squad and two others with an earlier commitment. I didn’t lose the squad; I made another commitment. That had me less than 80 Marines going into the fight. To jump ahead a little bit to put that into perspective, there were a 105 counted dead NVA bodies in the position when it was over. Just to give you an idea of what we were up against. In addition to all the automatic weapons as far as the machineguns involved in it.

At a point in the battle, Fox had to make the decision whether to commit his reserve platoon against an enemy that would still outnumber them or break contact with the enemy.

    Well, I really wanted to break contact because I realized that we were up against a hard wall. We can’t really do it. But in this jungle to break contact and get out means I’ve got to have all my Marines with me. We don’t leave anybody behind. For me to get the dead and the wounded out from under their guns is going to cost me more Marines. Will I have enough Marines to carry my dead and wounded and fight off the enemy? That was quite obvious to me that I couldn’t do it. That left my second option that was to commit my reserve platoon to make a difference.

The remainder of Fox’s account will be printed in the Winter issue of American Valor Quarterly, the American Veterans Center’s quarterly publication. To learn more about the MCHF event, click here.

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