WWII Bomb Explosion Mistaken for Earthquake

Austrian officials initially blamed an earthquake for the detonation of a half ton WWII-era bomb buried in a backyard, but it seems that it was actually the other way around – the detonation of the bomb caused the earthquake. 

A day earlier, 17 people were injured in Hattigen, Germany when a construction crew accidentally detonated a bomb left over from an American air raid. 

Centuries of armed conflict have resulted in parts of the world being littered with unexploded ordnance and military junk. A great book that is definitely worth a read is “Aftermath: The Remnants of War”by Donovan Webster. The book is an account of Webster’s travels to regions that are still dealing with the physical legacy of  war, such as leftover bombs, mines, chemicals and surplus. Particularly fascinating is his visit with the special French crew tasked with recovering the millions of volatile shells dating back to the Napoleonic Wars that are strewn about their country (not a fact found on most tourist brochures). Another interesting section concerns the “bone fields” of Russia that consist of the remains of the hundreds of thousands of German soldiers who were left unburied following the Battle of Stalingrad. Highly recommended.

From Landmines to Chemical Warfare--The Devastating Effects of Modern Combat

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