Battle of Britain Vet Is Among the Last of the “Few”

The RAF pilots who Winston Chuchill referred to as the “Few” are becoming fewer everyday. 91-year old Jimmy Corbin is one of the last surviving pilots who participated in the Battle of Britain. A Spitfire ace, Corbin was profiled in his local newspaper.

The mettle of RAF pilots during the Battle of Britain undoubtedly gave the Allies an important morale boost against the Nazi war machine, but if you ever want to annoy Brits who insists that Americans overstate U.S. contributions during the war, remind them that the top RAF ace of the battle was Josef František – a Czech. It may also be worth adding that German pilots insist the Battle of Britain was nothing more than a myth that was exaggerated by the Brits for propaganda purposes. The German vets believe that the RAF had nothing to do with thwarting an invasion. Rather, it was the presence of the superior Royal Navy that kept the Germans at bay.

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